Judge Louis Levenson Answers Your Legal Questions

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The standard procedures for landlord-tenant evictions are significantly altered when you deal with mobile homes which are on the property of the mobile home park but are either owned or leased by the lot owner, and at some point, potentially fall into default in payments for mobile home or lot or both requiring court procedures. these procedures are unique to mobile homes or manufactured homes in Georgia, and a careful understanding of, the statutory procedures and the practical considerations are key.

  • Tips about presenting info in front of a judge – what to bring with you, evidence, etiquette, dress etc.
  • Judge pet peeves – what to avoid.
  • Permissible Lease Options v Disguised Mortgages – where does the line fall?
  • Common landlord-tenant issues that you saw on the bench.
  • Dispossessing home versus dispossessing resident
  • Dealing with abandoned homes
  • Issues around service animals