Scott Huesing

Ret Maj Scott Huesing SECO 2023

Bestselling Author | Echo in Ramadi (Regnery, 2018)

Scott A. Huesing is a proven combat leader. He is a retired United States Marine Corps Infantry Major with 24 years of honorable service, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer. His career spanned 10 deployments to over 60 countries worldwide. Throughout his numerous deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa, he planned, led, and conducted hundreds of combat missions under some of the most austere and challenging conditions.

Scott has been a published author since 2005. His award-winning bestseller, Echo in Ramadi (Regnery, 2018), is a snapshot in time that changed the face of operations on the battlefield. Echo Company, 2d

Battalion, 4th Marines endured some of the most intense urban combat during the Second Battle of Ramadi in support of the Multi-National Forces Surge Strategy in 2006. His true-life account provides keen insights into what may be an unfamiliar world to readers but very familiar to those like Scott, who lived it and endured this historic fight. Echo in Ramadi was written to honor the sacrifices and spirit of his Marines and the families they supported. It's not a war story—it is about the people and the power of human connection that speaks about leadership, team-building, and overcoming adversity under the most demanding conditions.

Scott is an expert contributor and has featured articles, editorials, and scholarly pieces for USA Today, Fox News Channel, Entercom, The Marine Corps Gazette, Military Times, Townhall, and The Daily Signal. He has authored doctrine for the U.S. Marine Corps that shaped the future within the world's most elite branch of service for the standard operating procedures for Marine Expeditionary Units. He is a co-host and producer of The Break it Down Show Podcast, which has featured world-renowned talent on over 1000 episodes.

Scott is a formally trained public speaker with 25 years of experience in both the military and private sectors. He has spoken to audiences of over 8,000 conveying his thoughts, intent, and goals to motivate listeners. Scott's natural, outgoing style allows him to connect with audiences to share his experience.
Scott dedicates his time to travel to military bases, colleges, veteran groups, non-profit organizations, corporate leadership conferences, Gold Star Family events, and a multitude of venues to share the story of his epic journey and struggles. He is continually sought out to speak on leadership and his combat experiences—and the importance of writing about them.

Scott is the Executive Director of Save the Brave, a certified non-profit that connects Veterans through outreach programs—their mission is to stay proactive to the needs of the Veterans they serve. He is also the President of the 2d Battalion, 4th Marines Association, a non-profit that helps Veterans and active duty Marines.
Scott has been a featured guest on Fox & Friends, C-SPAN, NEWSMAX, One America News Network, NBC 7, KTLA 5, KUSI San Diego, KTVU Fox 2, The Hugh Hewitt Show, Brian Kilmeade Radio, The David Webb Show, Frank Buckley Interviews, and over 500 local and nationally syndicated radio shows and podcasts. He has been a guest speaker at the Reagan Ranch Center, The Nixon Library, GenNext, Pepperdine University, UCLA, USC, USD, UCSD, The Citadel, Chapman University, The Lion King in NYC, and The Marines' Memorial Club. Scott currently lives in Southern California.

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